6 rules for choosing the correct Diesel Generator

08 Jun 6 rules for choosing the correct Diesel Generator

Correct Diesel Generator selection for the right industry

There are different methods to selecting a generator that is suitable for your application, however the guide below provides a basic approach to assist you in selecting your generator suitable for your application.

1. Have a Load Test performed by an electrician with a power analyser or use the Amps marked on the toggle of the main circuit breaker.

2. Confirm the source voltage of your mains supply voltage, i.e. Single phase 220V or three phase 380-400V

3. Determine whats essential loads need to run during a power outage as this will determine the size of the generator.

·         It is important to size appropriately for heavy use as electric motors can use up to 7x running power to start up. You will need to identify the starting method of the electric motor.

o   *See the link to the calculator tool

o   http://www.calculatoredge.com/enggcalc/generator%20size.htm

4. Determine if the generator needs to started manually or automatically during a power outage. If you require the generator to start automatically, an automatic transfer switch will be needed to be installed, which will switch the load from generator power from the mains supply.

5. De-rate the generator for altitude if needed,for example Gauteng, in South Africa is at 1700 meters above sea level.

6. Find a suitable installation location inside a generator room, or in a demarcated area outside the building.

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Diesel Generator Setup for a Factory

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