What is the best location for your Diesel Generator?

09 Jun What is the best location for your Diesel Generator?

Diesel Generator Location-Best Practice

Our Technical Team at PowerStep Power Solutions has prepared some pointers for you.

Here are some guidelines to assist you when you are considering the placement of your Diesel Generator.

Follow these rules for best location practice for your Diesel Generator set.

  • It is important to remember that generators need to be de-rated for altitude to ensure required output if they are not installed at sea-level.
  • A generator produces exhaust fumes during operation therefore a location where the generator is to be installed must comply with health and safety regulations and by-laws.
  • The ambient temperature can affect the generators performance. If the generator will operate at an ambient temp above 40°C, then a suitable radiator and alternator will need to be selected.
  • For canopy-type, silent generators, the location needs to ensure that the correct air-flow to the generator is kept cool during running conditions at an optimal level.
  • If the generator is installed outdoors, it is recommended to keep it under cover.
  • For generators installed in a generator plant room, you need to ensure that the exhaust is extended out of the room and that there is good ventilation to expel the hot air and allow the intake of cool air.
  • From an economic perspective, install the generator as close to the main distribution board as possible to avoid costly cable lengths.
  • To ensure ease of service, sufficient space needs to be allowed for, to open the doors for the servicing of the generator. (Approximately 1metre on either side of the generator set).

For further information on the recommended placement of your diesel generator, contact PowerStep on 011 021 2891 or http://powerstep.co.za/contact-us/

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